nsquared consulting

Consulting Services

At nsquared we love to build great products and help other people build great software. We focus on working with our customers to make sure they get a finished shipping product, as well as learning new skills from us. If you have any questions you can email us at services.

We provide consulting to help your development team deliver great products faster. We can support you from ideation through to delivery. We specialize in asking the hard questions and helping you to learn how to identify bottlenecks and streamline your process. Our team has a strong background in product development and delivery. We bring a logic thinking based approach to helping you identify your biggest challenges and how to overcome them. When you build a product the output is directly related to the state of team. Most of the challenges with technology delivery are related to the way the process and the team interact. We have spent a lot of effort at nsquared on understanding protocols for team behaviour. With these protocols you can enable teams to deliver fantastic products.